Born on 24/04/1972.
Emerged from the Art Institute of the Teatro Colón (PK) under the guidance of the teacher Rada Eichembaum. He has acted in works such as La Bayadera, Don Quixote, Onegin, Romeo and Juliet, Notre Dame de Paris and Apolon, among other creations of Balanchine.

In Santiago de Chile he participated in the corsair version of R. Bustamante

Dance Don Quixote with Maricel De Mitri in Ukraine.

He has performed with Simona Noja in Vienna and Stutgart. He played Giselle in Santander.

Danced Don Quixote with Silvina Perillo (PK) in Virginia.

He was invited by UNESCO to take part in the 2007 Tour which took place in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. At the same time he directs shows, appearing in 2008 in Israel as director and interpreter.

Create, for the Buenos Aires Ballet, Three love stories with the end of the river.

Chosen, next to Karina Olmedo (PK), as the figure of the Clarín dance 1999. Jose Neglia Award.

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